I am 21 years old girl. i have lot of hair on my back and stomach, which looks really bad when I wear saree or any small T-shirt. Kindly suggest me a way to reduce my hair in natural way.(No laser treatment please, its too expensive).

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    1. I don’t think there is a way. But you can use an epilator, it’s like a bunch of really fast tweezers. Emjoi makes good ones. The ones with the most tweezers work the best. Or you could wax or bleach the hair.

    2. waxing is the best way to reduce hair growth ..start waxing your full body but dont use any other method like nair or shaving because those methods increase the growth of your hair …waxing is also good for the skin as it removes the dead cells and makes your skin softer and a shade lighter.i have been waxing my back for 6 months now and i have almost no hair on my back now …

    3. u should try waxing

    4. from the small child if u used turmeric powder for bathing i don’t think this much hair will grown. use the web to find answer for ur question

    5. id also like to know howmaybe waxing it. nair. which outfit?[external link]

    6. well im not sure there is a natural way for permanent but u could always use nair or google it up mabye u could find something but nair might workk pretty goood