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Tried everything chemical wise. Have sensitive skin.

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    1. I always take a pair of scissors and just trim it, not that I have a beard :-O ~but I dont want to ever start waxing or anything! Maybe try that and it wont break you out…

    2. antipatheticalness

      put a plaster or cellotape on your face or chin and pull off with speed!

    3. you can try plucking them or you can go to a drugstore and get one of those little facial hair trimmers.

    4. Lazer hair removal

    5. Well they say never use a razor on ur face cause it causes stubble. but how about the facial hair removal creams, because i know plucking hurts and shavings out.

    6. laser would work best I think and the have cream that the advertise of TV that would help stop it from growing.

    7. Electrolysis and laser works well …however, laser can cause some scarring depending on your skin type (but check with a certified esthetician).If you don’t want to go that route, try an epilator. They are made differently than years ago. They do not hurt if done correctly.You can try Braun Silk-Г©pil Xelle…it works quickly, smoothly and beautifully.