right after i shave i get black dots on my legs and its so grooooss. =[i tried waxing one time but i saw the dots after 2 days!and it takes forever for my leg hair to grow long, it is more coarse then long.are there any stubble removing things or depilatories i can use on coarse, dark hair?

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    1. it may be a deadly disease… just saying you might wanna check with your doctor

    2. Can’t get rid of it, its like stubbles. I get them its ridiculous but its how your hair grows.

    3. You can try the shaving lotions instead of a razor. You might not be able to get rid of it. This is caused by the coarse hair. Laser hair removal might work best for you if you have the money. Good Luck! :)

    4. try the hair removin cream see if tht works 4 u

    5. I get them too, hun. . Sucks, doesnt it?

    6. Ingrown hairss lol Its common Go up to walmart and find so cleansing cream for it it will go away Its caused from Tight pants/shorts and such because it makes teh hair on your leg curl up so No tight pants. Try some sweats and get that Cleansing cream it will go away in no time :]

    7. Those black dots are the little hairs that the razor didn’t get… Razors only get what’s on top.!Hair Removal cream, however, gets everything.above and beneath.If you get that it’ll say to leave it in for three minutes… since you have coarsey hair leave it in for like four or five…