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Well I a a guy. I am 19 and right now I have long hair. I got lots of facial hair but I shave everyday. I have lots of body hair too but shave it all off. Getting a laser hair removal soon. I am pretty handsome and goodlooking. Have little feminine features. I wash my face everyday and cleanse and put creams on. I have a nice style. A mixture of metro/punk. I wear really tight skinny jeans. designed t-shirts and scarves. Lots of jewellery. I have nice shirts from mexx, HM. I also wear jeans that are kinda flared and for shoes I have my high heel boots to me. I have my unique style. I want to become a little more androgynous though. Here is a pic of me by the way. Hope the link works. [external link] little more that I can look similar to him. Not exactly thoug since I am not him but similar. [external link] am straight by the way but metrosexual.I wear colored skinnies too. Answers please! or him. [external link]

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    1. The link to your picture isn’t working so I’ll just cover the basics.Find a volumized hairstyle to counter the long face most males have, Use lip balm to make yoyr lips fuller, maybe wear some sort of peircing around your mouth and chin to counter the tall chin most males have. Use a blush technique to make your cheeks look fuller, put eyeliner only on the outside half or your eyes to make them look bigger. For your body wear hoodies or half-jackets to hide male-looking wide shoulders, wear long, tight shirts to make yourself look shorter, and have shirts with large head openings or V-necks with or without a necklace to elongate your neck. I hope I can help!

    2. Cut your food intake so you can develop a pallor.

    3. you like like a guy, but only because you are wearing guy clothing… and bushy eyebrows, but you would look like a girl in girls clothing…i am asexual, and i think you look HOT