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I put 'nair' hair removal for facial hair on my upper lip for 6 min. (the maximum was 8) and i washed it off and everything but anyway.it's red, it still stings, and it feels raw. How do I get rid of the redness and make it feel better? Thanks!

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    1. Use any cheapest lotion like Solar Caine or whatever you like that has as much Aloe E as possible. If you’re fast enough applying ice, that helps too.

    2. there is this sunburn cream that looks like green goo and it is called sea and ski. it makes your skin feel cold and refreshed and treats the afterburn from nair very well.

    3. dont put it on your lips, your not meant to cuz your face skin is hyper sensitive. the skin will probably crack and go more raw red to be honest. try savlon

    4. lotion.