is there anything i can put on my legs to prevent hair from growing back fast? i know i cant make it stop forever but is there anything i can do to postpone it a bit?

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    1. Wax instead of shaving.It’s not that painful! And it keeps them much smoother for weeks longer.

    2. If you cant afford waxing, use nair. It’s cheaper, and although it’s smelly, it keeps hair from growing back. Also, keep your legs moisturized. Avoid cold places. Goosbumps make the hair grow back faster.

    3. If you wax your legs instead of shaving them, it’ll take longer for them to grow back. Or you can get laser hair removal.

    4. Well I don’t know but when it grows back and it’s really noticeable then shave again! :) That’s what I do! :)