i wanted to get rid of the hair without shaving (to avoid razor burn) and i was wondering if i could use "nair hair remover lotion" ? it says on the back to not use on the vaginal area but i heard that it will not hurt me at all if i just leave it on the skin part, and not allow it to go inside me.. ? would this be okay? will this cause rashes? or anything else serious? please thanks. :D

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  • Best method for viginal hair removel? - Shaving. Use bikini zone afterwards, it has lidocaine in it to numb the area and soothe so you don’t get razor rash. Please, leave some hair around your vaginal opening. It is there for a reason, to keep bacteria and things harmful to your vaginal tissue out. If you go completely bald, you will likely
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    1. If you want that hair removed, get a professional for that, it might turn out badly if you do it yourself.