I have naturally blond hair which I have been dying extra light blond for the past 5 years. Recently, I dyed my hair to dark brown. After having an allergic reaction and realizing I wouldn't be able to keep up the look (no way to dye my roots brown because of the allergy) I decided to use hair color remover. That turned it to a light ash brown. I tried to dye my hair back to blond after that, but the only part of my hair that turned blond was my roots. Should I keep trying blond hair dye on it? Use the hair remover again? Leave hair dye on for a longer time? Use heat? I really don't know what to do. Has anyone had this experience before? Or if there are any stylists out there, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks a lot!

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    1. Hey, i had exactly the same dilemaim now studying my level 2 hairdressing but before this i had really dark brown hair, i would take it slowly and keep dying it a lighter shade…you cnt expect a miracle overnight lol (i did) just keep going with it and you will get there in the end.. a shade lighter every time,You need to apply your colour mid length to ends first, leave that for about 20 mins ofcourse depending on how long you take to apply the colour, then apply to your roots comb all through and if you dont have a heater put a carrier bag on your head, this will open your cuticles and alow the dye to penitrate better Good luck hope i helpedx

    2. Your hair cuticles were open because of the dye you used for 5 years so the brown was more deeply absorbed into your hair. Normally people don’t just have a reaction to a different color, why not use the same color line as your blond? Or was your hair bleached instead of dyed blond? You should never use a stripper. The only thing to lift out the ashy color is to bleach it. Your roots are blond because that’s your natural hair color not dye and the heat from your head brings up the color quicker so it will be lighter. YOU CAN’T GET IT LIGHTER WITHOUT BLEACH COLOR DOES NOT LIFT COLOR!