I have a little peach fuzz but it is enough to bother me. Cannot really afford any permanent remedies like IPL or Electrolysis so for now I just use a cream (nair or sally hensen) to remove the hair. Only lasts a couple of days before I can feel it coming back in but I am not sure what else to try. It would make things a lot easier though if there was a cream or something that I could apply that would just stunt the growth and maybe I could get a few more days of hair free relief... is there such a product? Thanks in advance.

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    1. You cannot change the rate at which your hair grows.Try waxing. It lasts 2-3 weeks.

    2. If it’s your upper lip you’re talking about, you could always wax it. You can probably get those premade wax strips pretty cheap, just not sure of the cost comparison with that and nair/sally hansen

    3. I can say you one thing that you should not use hair removing cream on your face. If you are bothered about your facial hair, then it’s better to go for wax.