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I'm a guy who's 14 and I have a lot of thick, ugly hair on legs. My legs are really hairy and is there anything I can do to make the hair thinner? I saw something on tv and it was like a laser and after four or six weeks the hair was thinner.

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    1. Don’t accept what you see on TV as necessarily true. Do your own research online from several different sources and then you decide without swallowing all the hype that is served up to you.Your hair growth is determined by your testosterone (hormone) level and by your ethnic background.We do not suggest that you monkey around with your hormone levels however althpough a doctor can do this in extreme cases of hirsutism.Laser treatments are simply not the way to safely remove hair. Laser hair removal at home (IPL – Intense Pulsed light) or is both expensive and painful and doesn’t always work. [external link] skin burns can result from so called professional laser treatments in a salon and again doesn’t always work on all kinds of skin or hair types. The FDA expressly prohibits any laser hair removal being described as permanent because it is not. [external link] you use a special body shaver like the Bare It All body shaver and trimmer this will quickly and easily remove hair and trim it without any of the nasty side effects that other procedures have. Do not choose anything that damages the skin that the hairs live in.Here is some other information [external link] and [external link]

    2. I think what you saw is called No-No or something like that. Even professional laser treatments are not permanent. Here is an easier method for guys who usually don’t want completely hairless legs, but want the look of a more moderate amount of hair on the legs or arms; trim it with a clipper fitted with a #2 clipper guard. The guard should not be pressed to the skin. A free hand technique is used where the guard is barely above the skin. The object is not to cut every hair to guard length but to leave some hair long, some medium and some guard length for the look of a guy with a more moderate amount of hair. After the free hand technique is learned, a #1.5 or #1 guard may give a better result on the legs from the knee up. This only needs to be done every three or four weeks to keep the hair in check. As for the underarms, clip them with a #1 guard every three or four weeks. A #2 or longer guard will feel itchy for most guys. For down there, just lightly trim with a clipper using a free hand technique, not placing the guard anywhere near the skin. Chest hair can be clipped or shaved. If there is back hair, it is usually shaved. There are special razor handles available such as razorba. Good Luck!

    3. You can try going to a hair removal specialist and get it professionally burned off with a laser. Or you can try trimming the hair with scissors. Or try Nair Brazilian clay hair removal cream. It is not just for women, men can use it too. I hope this helped!

    4. If you wax then the hair grows back thinner, although maybe if you were going to try this then you’d might want to do it in the winter when it won’t show that you waxed them, unless this doesn’t bother you. Also, dark leg hair on guys is fine!