I tame my eyebrow hair with tweezers and occasionally get them waxed. The skin always ALWAYS looks irritated and on the verge of breaking outta(and sometimes does) any suggestions?

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    1. Yeah it’s not uncommon. They sell lotion for that at Walmart I think. Mine get like that when I tweeze them, so I take the dangerous route and shave them. I don’t care much for getting them shaped, I think they’re fine. It doesn’t irritate them at all but I probably wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you’re really steady and don’t care a lot about shaping or angling them. I just do the middle so I don’t have a unibrow, then I shape them with tweezers.

    2. To help with the pain from tweezing you can always use ice to numb the area before plucking. Then just keep applying the ice as needed.

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