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I am an Armenian girl. Actually half Armenian and half Chinese. Unfortunately i took the bad gene of very hairy arms (by my Armenian dad). I literally sit and cry everyday because people at school make fun of me. They taunt me with ape noises and swing their arms back and fourth. I hate myself and there has never been a guy who has liked me. Even though I hold the highest GPA in my school. I feel like although i am nice and very smart, no one will ever love me... Help.

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    1. how old are you? i’m sorry people taunt you. you can get an epilator or a NoNo. an epilator is an electronic device with a whole bunch of tweezers at the end that will rip out your hair. it does hurt at first but you’ll build up tolerance if you use it often enough. as for a NoNo, it is also an electronic device and I hear it’s painless and has long lasting results. i feel like waxing would give the best results but repeatedly buying wax stripes can get expensive. if the hairs on your arm are really long, shave them first. then epilate or wax. i wouldn’t recommend constantly shaving your arms because your skin can get rough and it usually grows back in a day or two. good luck and remember to always love yourself

    2. i really don’t know if you are serious because this is just over dramatic, but i’ll go for it.if you are really bothered by it, shave. i shave my arms every day and have for 10 years. no big deal. if you shave your legs, you can shave your arms.

    3. you could shave them? I suggest using something called Veet. It’s like a shaving cream that you apply and leave on for about 5-7 minutes and then there’s this little scraper that comes along with it that you use to scrape off the cream and your hair along with it. Then you just wash off your arms and they’ll be smooth :) The hair takes a little bit longer to grow than it would if you just used a razor. You can use it for your arms and legs. But don’t touch your head while you have the veet cream on your hands and make sure you wash off the cream completely and thoroughly when you’re done. Do not leave the cream on for more than 10 minutes! Im sorry that people can be such jerks. Best of luck

    4. If they really bother you that much, it isn’t really that uncommon for women to shave their arms. I have plenty of friends who do it. It is fairly common. The only thing is that you have the usual problems with shaving, it gets annoying to do, cuts, ingrown hairs are possible like any area you shave, and you have to keep up with it. Also, once you shave something, it has the appearance as growing back as thicker, because the ends of the hair will now be flat, instead of tapered as they are when they naturally grow. So that means you do have to keep up with it once you start it, like when you shave your legs. But if your arms really do bother you that much, maybe you should give it a try?I personally have more hair on my arms (or at least darker hair) than most other girls do, and I’ve learned to ignore it. I’ve never had anyone else notice it unless I point it out. I don’t know how old you are that kids are teasing you for it, but I’m sorry that that happens. If you don’t want to shave them, maybe try to ignore it for a while. When you’re older, it won’t seem like such a big deal. Hope you feel better, and I hope this helps! Good luck!

    5. Shave, tweeze, wax or use hair removal cream. Those people are jerks for making fun of you, but jerks will be jerks.

    6. check out my question and let me know if you want to talk. I’m a guy who happens to only be attracted to girls like you.[external link];_ylt=AgBtOrJLNoVg5hFo7m3BdzHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120708183118AATCxcD

    7. There’s two solutions to your problem. Either, you can bleach it, using something like this:[external link] use hair bleach on your arms, only use body hair bleach.The alternative is shaving it. Bleaching your arm hair is more natural-looking, however, others most likely wouldn’t even notice that your arms were bare as opposed to just lighter hair, shaving is the cheaper alternative and it’s definitely easier. I shave my arms, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort and it doesn’t grow back in incredibly quick either. Best of luck

    8. Please stop crying because it’s really not that bad, it seems that you are at a high school where there just so happen to be a lot of kids that haven’t quite yet matured into young adults so that is the main reason you are going through this stuff. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and learn to toughen up because you have to understand those are idiots you are dealing with and you need to stop giving them energy like that. Everyone here knows that you are not an ape or anything else like that. I tried to reach out to you and send you a private message but you locked your profile, so if you wish to have someone who is cool as a friend and maybe help you out with this through emails and stuff take the lock off your profile so we can chat via email cool? Someone will love you but you have to start developing a positive self-image.

    9. Love yourself! But if you fell that bad about your arms I would wax them since shaving just makes them come even faster. Waxing doesn’t make it come back as fast. But if you want permanent removal, then I suggest getting laser hair removal. I’ve heard that it has great results and it won’t come back! :) best of luck to you

    10. For those who have hairy arms and legs, waxing is just perfect. Waxing, as you know, guarantees smooth, hair-free arms

    11. I would just shave them. I shave mine.